With this method, you can earn very safe 2% profit per day, yes, every single day 2% profit, safe and sound! You will need an investment of 1000 dogecoint, multiply today dogecoin’s price, your investment should be 10 USD Or any investment amout you want, your profit per day should be 2% * (your investment) Now we start: 1. Follow this link and sign up: http://bit.ly/stablemoiiey 2. Transfer your dogecoin (1000doge for example) to your dogecoin wallet on the website 3. Using strategy as follows: a. First amount: 0.0001 (for investment of 1000doge, if you invest 10000 doge, first amount should be 0.001) b. Payout 12 c. Every 1 lose, increase amount by 10 d. Every 1 win, reset amount 4. Sit back and enjoy the game works like a coin miner!